Forged Rolled Rings

Forged Rolled Rings Manufacturers

Ganga Forging produces forged rolled rings through a process called ring rolling on rolling mills. The ring rolling process starts with producing a hollow doughnut-like shape by upsetting and piercing a circular shape of metal. The doughnut is then heated above the recrystallization temperature and then placed over the mandrel roll. Then, this idler roll moves consistently towards a drive roll, under pressure, and the thickness is reduced while the diameter is expanded.

The rock is first rounded and upset, following which, the workpiece is punched and pierced. Then, the ring rolling process takes place, followed by achieving the desired diameter and sizes. At Ganga Forging, we produce forged rolled rings through standard manufacturing processes that help us maintain the quality of our product.

When quality apparatus is needed for the purpose of development of wind turbines or when high-quality gears are required for mechanical parts, the seamless rolled ring forging process is employed for the manufacturing of superior quality of pieces at Ganga Forging.

Best Manufacturers of Forged Rings, India

We manufacture high-quality seamless forged discs with excellent tensile and yield properties for bearing, gear, and other heavy machinery applications. The open die forging process for manufacturing forged discs produces seamless forged rolled rings with a great internal structural and grain flow along the circumference.

This results in forged discs that have a superior yield, toughness, tensile strength, and fatigue resistance. The rolling process that we employ also results in smooth surfaces and excellent concentricity.

We have all the manufacturing capacity in-house at Ganga Forging and can handle all of your requirements without the need of outsourcing any requirements. We also promise quality and standard components to all our customers.

All Kinds of Forged Discs at One Place

Ganga Forging can deliver forged discs in all materials, including alloy steel, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and nickel alloys. If you have requirements for heavyweight forged rolled rings, we can produce according to your size and weight specifications.

We can cater to all your industry-specific manufacturing needs on time and with proper quality checks in place. Our products undergo stringent checks for quality so that no loophole exists in our manufactured components.

At each step of production, we employ tests and quality checks and deliver only world-class industrial products. We are known by our customers around the world for our integrity and commitment to quality.

We manufacture to industry standards and choose our raw materials wisely. If the raw material itself lacks in quality, we will be restricted in the desired quality of our products. We realize this and only partner with the best raw material suppliers throughout the world.

Why choose Ganga Forging

Ganga Forging is a leading manufacturer of Forged rings, India.

We at Ganga Forging can handle all your requirements in-house with our complete tooling and manufacturing equipment. This helps us ensure that quality is intact and that your shipments do not get delayed due to unnecessary hassles.

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