Business Core Values

Business Core Values

Ganga Forging is one of the leading steel forging manufacturers. We have served all major industries such as Construction, Railways, Mechanical industries, Oil refineries, Mining industry, etc. We have a wealth of experience working as a forging parts manufacturer- Three decades to be exact. We have the depth and the width of experience in the industry. We proudly proclaim to be the leaders in the industry.

Ganga Forging Ltd. is not only recognized for their superbly developed, high-quality products but also for their excellent customer service. We always want clients to come back, and if they sense they’ve been handled properly, then they will.


We are honest, respectful and apply high ethical standards.


Committing to Highest quality products & other Initiatives that Impact lives within and outside the organization.


Imagine what is possible. Foster creativity that challenges constraints and drive progress.


Build positive relationships through outstanding service with each interaction


Quality is an expression of our goal to offer reliable products and services.


We listen to and respect our customers and each other so we can act with insight, understanding and compassion.


Consistently demonstrate an unselfish commitment to working with others to create a collaborative culture.


We never compromise the safety of our employees and the public.


We are accountable for our responsibilities, our decisions, our actions and the result.


We strive to deliver the highest quality and value possible through simple, easy and relevant solutions.


Create a positive and dynamic work environment that enable personal achievements, work life balance & business success.


We inspire each other to explore ideas that can make the community & world a better place.